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FAQ (General Information)



What is vaping?


Vaping in general is the process of heating a fluid just to the temperature at which it turns into vapor. There are a few different ways to achieve this.

How do vaping devices work?



The most common way is by heating a wire/element (much like in your toaster) that is wrapped in cotton and soaked with E-Juice.

Is vaping safe?


Due to FDA regulations we are not allowed to comment on the health effects of vaping but we do encourage you to find alternative sources of information on this subject. You may click the image above to be forwarded to our battery safety page!

What will I need?


You will need a battery, tank, atomizer, and E-Juice.Usually you can find a full kit but watch out because they generally come with everything MINUS E-Juice.

Can I vape anywhere?

You may so long as the property owner doesn't specify that vaping is prohibited. We urge you to be respectful and ask first as many may treat e-cigarettes exactly as they would a traditional cigarette.

Is vaping for me?



The biggest hurdles you will face when switching to vaping are usually related to the operation and upkeep of your device. If you are afraid of the complications involved in the use of an e-cigarette we recommend talking to others who have already made the transition or visiting a local vape shop.



What is the PG/VG on my bottle of E-Juice?





Most E-Juice contains both PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Some E-Juice manufacturers offer a pure VG E-Juice though it is usually more expensive and can cause complication with certain devices.


  • What strength e-liquid should I buy?

This can be a hard question to answer. Your nicotine level will depend heavily on the vaping device you use. A device that produces more vapor will deliver more nicotine. Products marketed as "sub-ohm" produce much more vapor than a standard e-cigarette. We recommend 12mg (1.2%) or lower in these devices. For standard e-cigarettes we recommend 30mg (3.0%) or less.

Sub Ohm 

20 Cigarettes = About 6mg (0.6%)


20 Cigarettes = About 18mg (1.8%)

  • Can I save money over smoking?

In most cases you will spend considerably less than you would smoking analog cigarettes.

  • Which product is most like smoking?

Most products that most effectively mimic smoking a cigarette share two qualities. Low wattage/power and a restricted draw when inhaling. Some products even look like cigarettes!

Maddcatt Vapors Specific FAQ


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