MaddCatt Vapors Definition Guide

Analog: The term vapers give to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
Atomizer: this is the heating element that serves to vaporize the liquid in the cartridge (or mouthpiece).
Atty: a shortened name for "atomizer"
Automatic: a model of e-cig that employs an electronic airflow sensor to automatically activate upon inhalation. This means the device turns on when you breath in on the cartridge/mouthpiece.
Battery: this is the power source of the device. They are usually lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged.
Cartridge: this is the mouthpiece of the device. This part houses the e-liquid that gets heated by the atomizer. A cartridge can come empty or pre-filled with e-liquid. To refill a user can remove the cartridge from the atomizer and either "drip" e-liquid directly in or replace with another pre-filled cartridge.
Cartomizer: a device that combines an atomizer and a cartridge together.
charger: a device used to recharge the battery with power. Options include usb, car charger, and pcc (pocket charging case).
Drip: also called "direct dripping" as you drip e-liquid right onto the atomizer. This is a method of dropping 2-3 drops of liquid directly into the atomizer. The liquid will soak in to the wick and you can get around 10 good inhalations from those 2-3 drops. Some people prefer this method instead of using a filled cartridge. 
Drip tip: this is a piece that can be put at the end of a cartomizer or atomizer so that e-liquid can be easily refilled into it.
Dry-burn: the process used to clean the coil in and atomizer. Hold the switch to the battery down in 5 second bursts, this causes the gunk on the coil to turn to char and burn off.
E-liquid: is the solution that produces vapor when heated by the atomizer or cartomizer. E-liquid may contain VG, PG, and flavoring. 
E-cig: another name for an electronic cigarette.
Electronic Cigarette: a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized solution.
Fluid: another name for e-liquid
Flooding: a term used when too much eliquid is put into the atomizer, usually a gurgling sound is a good indicator of flooding.
Juice: another name for e-liquid.
Leaking: when putting too much e-liquid on the atomizer it can leak into the battery and impair it.
LED: (light emitting diode) a light that is located some devices that is activated during inhalation. The LED serves as an indicator that the device is being operated.
MG Strength : this relates to how much nicotine is in the e-liquid, measured in milligrams per milliliter
Nicotine Solution: this is the e-liquid.
Pass Through: this is a device that hooks directly to a USB port on a computer allowing continual use without a battery.
PCC: personal charging case
Pen Style: a common design of the e-cig, so named for its visual resemblance to a ballpoint pen.
Personal Vaporizer: this is another name for an electronic cigarette.
PG: propylene glycol.
Personal Charging Case: for recharging some e-cig models. This case allows for the user to charge their e-cig on the go. Also the charger can be recharged itself by plugging it into a computer with a USB cable, or using a wall adapter or car charger.
Pooling: when a cartridge or cartomizer is overfilled it will "pool" with e-liquid. This can cause damage to the device or allow liquid to get in your mouth.
Propylene Glycol: this is one component of e-liquid.
PV: another name for your Personal Vaporizer.
Starter Kit: a kit containing all the necessary components to begin vaping.
Throat Hit (TH): this is how the vapor feels to your throat when inhaled. Note that various models and liquids produce different throat hits.
Vape: this term refers to the act of vaping, as a smoker 'smokes' a person who is using an e-cig 'vapes'.
Vegetable Glycerin: vegetable glycerin (VG) is one of the ingredients in e-Liquid.